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Electrifying our future

by Simon Eramo | Oct 24, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

Salvation Army develop a policy to move to an electric vehicle fleet and provide electric vehicles to staff that could be leased with a purchase option.  The aim of the policy would be to assist in the transition to a sustainable future in the knowledge that the future of the planet is at risk and impact on humanity without a just and speedy transition away from fossil fuels.  The policy could benefit staff who may be able to be part of a lease option and demonstrate that Salvation Army is acknowledging the need to take action due to the climate emergency .  This would also demonstrate a progressive and creative approach to challenges of transitioning away from a fossil fuel economy and consistent with mission values of humanity, compassion, community and hope.

A cost benefit analysis would look at the impact of climate change for communities including the costs of not acting and seek to provide a longer term cost saving in fleet management and the provide a benefit to employee's.


What department are you from?

Accommodation Options for Families Salvation Army 

Who is your target market?

Families at risk of homelessness

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Simon Eramo

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Matt Atkins Oct 26, 2019

The option for hybrids in officer cars is becoming more available. Add to this batteries at quarters and solar panel and we could be saving alot of money AND the environment


Belinda Cassie Oct 28, 2019

We should be installing solar panels and batteries at EVERY TSA property - corps, centre and quarters. It should be a no brainer. Expensive outlay initially but long term it’s cheaper and exponentially better for the environment. Church of England has already done it across their buildings in the UK.


Rowena Smith Oct 29, 2019

My hope is that TSA will become more and more pro-active with environmental approaches to how we manage our properties and assets such as vehicles. In these times of heightened concern about the human impact on the Earth, churches need to be demonstrating good stewardship of the Earths resources....wouldn't it be great if TSA could lead the way.


Vinh Luong Nov 2, 2019

Idea with valid points


Neri Morris 9 months ago

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