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Resource-Rent database

by Andrew Webb | Oct 23, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

There are buses, large props, banners, jumping castles, tables and other equipment all sitting unused in TSA sheds and warehouses for months on end. We don't know what we have, and centres could save heaps of costs on doubling up if we can just rent or borrow these assets from each other.

A national database where TSA personnel can add items they want to make available for use at other sites. This could have contributions from Corps, HQ, Warehouses etc, with pickup locations and daily fees (kept low, of course - we are one Army after all!)

For example, Sunbury has a Hiace Commuter bus which we are happy for other Corps to borrow. We also have an excellent 3m xs 4m gazebo, and spare sound equipment. 

Now imagine if we all put up something which might be of use to someone else! A 5m ladder here, a diesel generator there, a big jumping castle here, a Shieldy costume there. A national resource database would be a great exercise in stewardship of our resources.

What department are you from?

Sunbury Corps, VIC

Who is your target market?

All TSA across Australia. 

Andrew Webb

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Claire Clifton Oct 25, 2019

Great idea Andrew! We are so blessed within TSA to have so many amazing resources. We need to be good stewards of these things!


Mervyn Holland Oct 28, 2019

Sharing resources is something that needs to be promoted and developed Andrew. For too long many corps and mission expressions have existed as silos, rather than cooperatives.
There are some documents around identifying terms and conditions of use that need to be considered before entrusting valuable equipment to others.
Our corps -Rouse Hill Region - is creatively sharing resources in a creatively compliant manner.
It's all about optimization of resources and your idea certainly promotes that idea.
There's an earlier idea posted that identifies a national database for facility rental. Maybe this could be added.


Andrew Webb Oct 28, 2019

Thanks Mervyn. Your notes are well noted.
The other idea on hall hire seems to be designed more on listing on external sites (eg Halls For Hire). Perhaps an internal facilities availability could be incorporated in this idea (for example, Corps who want to run a "Day away"), and this could also include places such as the Colleges, conference centres etc.
Thanks for your input.


Vinh Luong 11 months ago

Good idea


Katrina Hindle 11 months ago

This is great and would save money, corps would be able to borrow rather than buy it.


Neri Morris 11 months ago

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Neri Morris 10 months ago

Status label added: Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019