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Rural and regional tele-health support model

by James Iuliano | Oct 22, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

Wherever there is hardship or injustice, the Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to transform Australia one life at a time. While we provide a high level of professionalism and resource through our social programs our local corps don't always have immediate, or even any, access to these services as required.

However, imagine being able to provide quality, face to face service to even the most remote of corps around homelessness, AoD and Domestic and Family Violence support. In fact, the entire suite of Salvation Army services without the need for massive financial, property and human investment. This idea would look to invest in expanding the Salvation Army's reach into regional and rural Australia where we know people are doing it tough and don't have easy or immediate access to services.

This proposal is called tele-health. This works by investing in quality technological infrastructure (predominantly quality video conferencing interface, webcams, tv's and sound equipment) to allow clients to access Salvation Army services without the need to visit anywhere besides their local corps.

Through video interface clients would be able to sit face to face with workers from social centers all over the country and work through theirĀ  issues and address their barriers with the support of the local corps. This model could also be taken into our most remote farmers through our rural chaplains. This model runs successfully within a health setting and impacts many people who are unable to attend hospitals or GP's due to their geographic isolation.

This proposal would truly be a way that Salvos could be wherever there is hardship or injustice to provide holistic care to those who need it most. It also serves as a bridge to link our social and corps leaders and workers for a united Salvation Army.

What department are you from?

Territorial social - Youth

Who is your target market?

Regional and Remote corps, Social expressions

James Iuliano

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