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Prison Gate Connect - Supporting family and friends of those in custody

by Catherine Philpot | Oct 15, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

No parent rocks their infant to sleep dreaming of the day when they will have to visit them in prison. Yet this is the journey that many families end up traveling with their loved ones. It is a road often marked by grief and social isolation. For partners and children of offenders there are additional financial burdens and costs to family life. 

Prison visitation is a time when people try to provide ongoing support to their loved one in custody.  However, these visits are made more difficult when people are in need of support themselves.

Prison Gate Connect is a ministry of hospitality and support to the loved ones of people in custody at prison visiting times. The ministry is simple. It involves being present at visiting time up until the time that visitors are processed through security and into the prison grounds. We help visitors get oriented to the process, we offer toys for children, we provide a listening ear for those needing to talk, a smile and company for those who would otherwise have to wait alone and we provide referral information about other supports that may be useful to them or their loved one in custody.

The goals are similiarly simple: to let people know that they are loved and cared for, that support is available and to contribute to a more positive visit with their loved one inside. It is love for love's sake with no strings attached (otherwise it wouldn't be love)


What department are you from?

Centenary Corps, Queensland

Who is your target market?

This ministry has been running through Centenary Corps in Queensland for over a year and would be suitable for other faith communities that have correctional facilities in their area. The ministry is run through the corps but is conducted with the support of prison chaplaincy. Our volunteers include members of our faith community as well as people who don't share our faith in Jesus but nonetheless love our love. 

Catherine Philpot

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Chris Cohen Oct 15, 2019

This is an amazing program - that supports family and friends people before and after their visit to an inmate - the team minister into the tension and “weird” of visiting prisons - the light of Jesus in an often dark place.


Claire Clifton 10 months ago

This is a really worthwhile idea that I think should be explored further. Going through the Salvos Ideas process would give you and others passionate about this space the opportunity to put together a model of practice, that is highly missional, relational and professional. And easily to scale for use across Corps / Chaplaincy expressions around the country.


Neri Morris 8 months ago

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