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Good Friends to aged care facility residents

by Fay Foster | Oct 14, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
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40% of residents in aged care facilities never have a visitor. NEVER.

I recently heard a presentation on Kids Hope Aus. In this initiative, local churches partner with local primary schools. Adults are given initial training, then assigned a student who they visit at school for one hour per week. This time is spent doing whatever the student would like to do. When the child asks, 'I guess you are going to see someone else now', they are told, 'No, I'm just here to see you.' 

I believe that a similar model could work well with those in our aged care system who would really benefit from having one good friend as they near the end of their lives. We could train people in how to start a conversation, how to engage with an older person, and give them ideas for how to spend that hour a week - then have them commit to doing so.

What department are you from?

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Leisa Humbley Oct 16, 2019

I recently saw a news report about some uni students who stay rent free at an Aged Care facility and in exchange they work alongside, helping and supporting the staff and residents there. They seemed to really connect and build relationships with the residents and vice versa, bringing new life to the place. I would love to see the younger generations from our churches helping and supporting our Aged Care facilities in this way...if not offering residence for students, at least offering opportunities as Fay has suggested above. Perhaps Mainly Music groups could visit the Aged Care facilities too. Children singing and dancing is a contagious activity for all ages!


Rowena Smith Oct 16, 2019

This is a great idea! And like Leisa has commented I have also thought that it would be good to involve Mainly Music groups or Playgroups with Aged Care. I tuned in to some of the series on the ABC called Old People Homes for 4 Year Olds. The change in the elderly people was remarkable after their weeks of contact with a group of preschoolers. Imagine our Aged Care centres leading the way with this beautiful style of therapy and pastoral care.


Leanne Lock Oct 24, 2019

Fay, Rowena and Leisa, I am all for it. I am supportive of visitors, youth and Mainly Music and Playgroups in our Aged Care Centres.
As a Chaplain in Aged Care I have made suggestions along the lines of visitors and children but the ideas never reach lift off. These ventures needs to be driven by people of the same frame of mind and who will not stop at the first obstacle.
I would like to see our youth visit our Centres and engage in conversation with our residents - get to know them and what makes them tick and why they hold some of the ideas/attitudes they have; build relationships; promote mutual understanding and support.
I need to stop typing before I get carried away.


Fuchsia DeLange 11 months ago

Sign me up!!! I would love to volunteer my time to this!!! Thank you for your idea!


Neri Morris 8 months ago

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