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Solar Panel Installation on all Quarters/Corps

by Matt Atkins | Oct 10, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

With the Salvation Army looking at sustainability with things like electric vehicles etc and also with cost cutting, why not do both and help both the employees and services by installing Solar Panels on all corps buildings and quarters (with all the rebates we are offered now)

With most systems now, they will be paid off in less than 5 years, and during that time our electricity cost reduction should cover payments.

It's to the point that i've nearly used my own money to install on our quarters as its a win win situation.

What department are you from?

Corps Officer - Reservoir

Who is your target market?

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Matt Atkins

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Rob Johnston Oct 11, 2019

Property is performing a business case to place Solar Panels on as many properties that would make commercial sense.


Matt Atkins Oct 12, 2019

So 2030 then? :P


Mervyn Holland Oct 11, 2019

The provision of alternate energy plant and equipment is an excellent proposal. Why not add rainwater installations wherever practicable, especially in new developments.


Nathan Hodges Oct 11, 2019

With batteries to go with it to save the energy for that property. Greater cost saving when saving the electricity I reckon than putting it back into the system and receiving a small token monetary amount.


Belinda Cassie Oct 11, 2019

100% yes. Admittedly it’ll be a costly outlay initially, but long term it’ll save so much money at both corps and quarters. Not to mention the fact that we would be contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change by utilising sustainable energy sources instead of continuing to utilise fossil fuels. This is a fantastic idea!


Darrell Wilson Oct 11, 2019

Yes. This would be awesome. Long term money saving and climate action.


Anna Colthorpe Oct 15, 2019

Love this sustainable idea which would help our world & environment!


Rowena Smith Oct 16, 2019

I hope this idea gets a big tick!! Just love ideas that promote better stewardship of the Earth. I think we need to look beyond the initial expense to see the future financial benefits but just as importantly, the benefits for the planet. I saw on the Channel 9 News this week, a new Australian invention called Solspan. It isn't on the market yet but could be within a year. Instead of adding solar panels to a roof, the whole roof is made up using Solspan tiles so the entire roof is generating electricity. Do a google search and check it out yourself......I googled Channel 9 News Solar Roof Tiles. Perhaps this could be a good idea for any new building to be constructed.??? Solar energy and water tanks in all quarters and SA buildings.....just imagine....The Salvation Army modelling good environmental practices in whichever community it is present.


Matthew Moore Oct 17, 2019

Sustainable energy and water storage options are definitely worth the investment and implementation.


Tamara Pilgrim Oct 21, 2019

Good investment for financial and environmental gain. Perhaps going broader as others have mentioned and considering other sustainability measures not just for existing premises but also as a requirement of any new builds.


Melanie-Anne Holland Oct 22, 2019

I know that I was a part of a policy review on this matter 2.5 years ago. Perhaps with this Ideas platform, our executive decision-makers will see the concerns of the people.

I see tremendous potential in helping all of our facilities (quarters, corps and service centres, Aged Care facilities, affordable housing projects, etc) become more sustainable through renewable energy, water efficiency, waste management, pollution reduction, and biodiverse initiatives.


Matt Atkins Oct 24, 2019

This is what I worry about. The government rebates etc won't be around forever..


Andrew Webb Oct 27, 2019

I think this idea has merit. At the very least, allow COs the flexibility to install solar if the cost to TSA is minimal (eg if a solar grant is available).


Perry Lithgow 11 months ago

We looked at a scheme where a third party owns the panels for a set period and sells the electricity on to you at a reduced rate. The beauty of this was no upfront cost, immediate savings on electricity and you eventually own the system at the end of the agreed term.


Gai Cathcart 11 months ago

With the emphasis on ALL! at the moment there is on some so if you’re fortunate enough to live in one of those houses it’s great! Others are struggling to afford the cost of electricity and it’s no fault of their own. It’s the appointment location.


Mitchell Stevens 11 months ago

I totally agree. It is both a financial and ethical decision. Yes a large upfront cost for each building, but with long term gains. I am sure every officer that doesn't have solar panels at the moment would benefit as well. Both investing in people and the environment would be a big motivation!


Steven Smith 11 months ago

Surely a solar company would love to support this also. I recall a solar how water heating company that did these kinds of partnerships for very minimal investment.

Great idea!!!!


Janosh Biczok 9 months ago

Done right, this could make a huge difference across a range of areas (long-term cost reduction, sustainability, educating importance of sustainability etc... etc..). A great idea and many businesses (IKEA for example) are already implementing similar initiatives, locally and internationally, so we can learn from those who are already doing it. Best 'IDEA' yet!


Neri Morris 8 months ago

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