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The Longest Shortcut to Adulthood

by Yuri Damico | Oct 9, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S3 - Feb20-Mar20

TSS - Transitional Support Service is the TSA's response to youth homelessness in WA. The service covers more than 85% of the State (excluding the Peel and South West region of Western Australia). The service works with young people aged 15-25 aiming to support them in the transition between care and full independent living. 

As of January 2019, there are more than 5,000 children and young people in care in Western Australia.

 Young people who leave care have often limited life skills and are not ready to live an independent life.

In response to the increasing demographic of children and young people in care of the State and the inadequate systemic support in the leaving care process, TSS propose to take young people on a self-directed journey of experiential learning on a road trip from Peth to Cairns across ‘The Longest Shortcut’, a symbolic journey representing a young person’s leaving care experience, signifying the longest shortcut from care to adulthood.

In a pioneering effort to strengthen the Army’s voice on youth homelessness highlighting young people experience in care, TSS would like to travel across the Longest Shortcut, giving voices to young people who are in currently in care or have been in care and giving them the possibility to tell what their care experience was like and their journey towards adulthood. What did work well and what not. TSS would like to interview young people and recording the process, as well as engaging the community –along our stops- in the conversation.

The project has a high symbolic meaning.

-TSS wants to present a journey of the young people transitioning from out of home care to independence and adulthood.
-The road trip would also represent the challenges that young people in care would need to face once they leave the care of the CEO. In fact, young people involved in this project would be managing the logistic and decision making part of the journey, from time schedule, passing by food stock and preparation to fuel stops.
-By travelling across three States/Territories (WA, NT and QLD), TSS would like to symbolize the three phases of Leaving Care – preparation, transition to independence and after care.
-The road trip will take place between 18 to 21 days, as a direct reference to the support TSS is giving to the Home Stretch campaign in WA.
-The road trip from Perth to Cairns – passing through Laverton (WA) to Winton (QLD), which represent the Longest Shortcut -  will cover about 5,000kms, representing the amount of children and young people currently in care in WA alone.
-Hebrews 12:1b “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”
-Proverbs 22:6 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”

TSS aims to raise awareness of the vast amount and the increasing young people that are in care in WA, as well as highlight the concern that young people are not receiving the support they require within the leaving care process to sustain living independently.

With this project we would like to target the State and national community to raise awareness about challenges affecting young people leaving care and why it is so critical for TSS to strongly advocate in favor of children in care to receive everything they need and they are entitled to before leaving care.

If this does not happen and if needs are not addressed when children are in care, the risk of youth homelessness, unemployment, risky behavior and incarceration is very high.

TSS would like to engage and collaborate with other services. These may include; other leaving care services within the State – Wanslea and Navig8 - YACWA, the peak body for youth in WA and CREATE foundation.

The team intends to ‘vlog’ the road trip. This will involve filming the entirety of the trip and interviewing the young people along the way, as well have ‘live streaming’ on social media with the intended outcome of raising awareness through sharing their stories.

The final outcome will be the release of a dvd with the content of the road trip, its symbolic value and actual fact/challenges affecting young people leaving care.

What department are you from?

TSS, Transitional Support Service. Youth Stream, WA

Who is your target market?

State of WA and its community

Yuri Damico

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Erin Williams Oct 15, 2019

Fantastic Idea let's get behind it!!!


Chris Reid Oct 18, 2019

Great initiative Yuri


Jasamine Forrest Oct 24, 2019

Wow all the best take care and of course God Bless


Nikki Bosher Oct 24, 2019

Amazing concept Yuri!!!!


Gordon Jones Oct 24, 2019

A great idea that will give participants a one in a lifetime experience.


Ken Smith Oct 25, 2019

Great proposal Yuri!


Bev Wilson 9 months ago

Hi Yuri, a great initiative, well done for putting it up. You have my vote.


Yvonne Hunt WAD 9 months ago

This would be an amazing journey. Transforming lives along the way both with the young people we travel with along with people we meet on the route.


Stephanie Douglas 9 months ago

A wonderful idea for young people to experience a meaningful and rewarding journey into adulthood!


Carol O’leary 9 months ago

Awesome idea, what a wonderful opportunity for young people


Marnie Shaw 9 months ago

This is a fantastic initiative & great way to give young adults leaving care, a voice for their experience.
Definitely get behind this!!


Kate Greenway 9 months ago

Amazing and innovative idea, Yuri. I think this will provide a wonderful, thought provoking journey for the amazing young people you support. A really cathartic opportunity. Definitely have my vote!


Lisa Stroud 9 months ago

Fantastic initiative have my vote


Jon Sproule 9 months ago

Thumbs up - Brilliant idea


Paul Beardsley 9 months ago

I think it has the potential to be a great way to raise the public profile of the challenges facing our youth and the TSA care for our community.


Kathryn Easton 9 months ago

Fabulous idea, love it, let me know what support you need.


Neri Morris 5 months ago

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