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Men Need To Work

by Col2 | 7 months ago | in Archived Ideas
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At Rockingham Salvos we run a Men's Shed. A group of blokes from a whole range of backgrounds get together every Thursday at 9.30 to worship, pray, do bible study and finally work on projects in the shed. What we have come to increasingly realise though is that many of these men struggle due to loneliness and a lack of positive things to do during the week. It is a real need and although this problem is not only specific to men, a lot of mental health issues are exacerbated by these guys losing their sense of worth and identity as they simply can't get work or no one is prepared to "give them a go" after possible indiscretions of the past. For instance the attitude of "once a crim. always a crim".

Our guys may have been addicts, prisoners or suffer from a variety of mental health issues. What is clear though is being able to work helps. I Take some of these guys out myself doing gardening, firewood, delivering and spreading mulch at the church and many other things. I advocate for them and often spend many hours running them around, helping with Centrelink, going to doctors, assisting with financial management and giving them something to do during the week to backup what we do at Men's Shed. 

Currently, this is unofficial and it taxes my limited resources but it is a REAL need and the benefits far outweigh the costs. I text men to uplift them and also help them to develop their faith. I am hoping and praying that the Salvation Army can get back to one of its old values of "Work Creation" and help me to help these men.

Although charity is great it is good if you can give a bloke $50 for their assistance and it can make a huge difference to them. We do mostly charity work but the sticking point is that these guys need a way to earn some money and to regain their ability to support themselves. I bear most of the costs myself and use my own equipment but how good would it be if this idea were to become something the Salvos would officially support and provide some financial backing and resources. The smiles on blokes faces after working hard with me for a day makes it worth the effort and the privilege of being able to share Gods word with them during that time is priceless! William Booth knew how important it was for people to be able to work and was involved in work creation so I pray the Salvos can get back to their roots.  


What department are you from?

I volunteer at the Salvation Army in Rockingham and also assist with the running of the Salvation Army Men's Shed ministry at the Discipleship House.

Who is your target market?

Men who are out of work but pursuing faith.

Men coming out of Prison or who have been in prison.

Those who have been criminals in the past but are rebuilding their lives through Christ.

Men who are recovering or have recovered from addictions and are doing it through Christ

Men who are having victory over mental or physical health issues through Christ.

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Graham Liddle 7 months ago

Let’s help guys help themselves.


Darrell Wilson 7 months ago

This is a great idea.


Elise 7 months ago

Fantastic proposal! Giving Men opportunities to make a contribution will give them a purpose, so they feel valued, reducing their sense of shame from past mistakes.


Fay Foster 7 months ago

Definitely. Maybe a small business that contracts the men to deliver services such as lawn mowing, yard care, bicycle repairs, lawn mower repairs etc. And maybe building wooden items that could be sold online - e.g. in Facebook's Marketplace.
There used to be an organisation called the Grey Army that did service delivery like this - not sure whether it's still going - but it could be worth checking out how they ran the group.


Neri Morris 3 months ago

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