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Breaking the Cycle of Addiction and Transforming Lives

Dean Mcwhinney
Dean Mcwhinney | 4 months ago | in Ideas In Motion

UPDATE: 24.02.20

The innovation team will continue to support the idea by way of exploring innovative funding proposals and partnerships.



Following the successful implementation of the ‘START AOD Community' in the South East Melbourne area, it has been identified that some people are not able to access the program because of transport and distance, so .... why not take it to them!

A needs analysis has identified that there is a high prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction and a lack of Therapeutic Day Programs on the Mornington Peninsula. The idea is to expand this 6 week life transforming program into other locations, beginning with the Mornington Peninsula with no cost or waiting time for participants.

The program is holistic, addressing emotional, psychological and spiritual needs and was recently recognised as achieving ‘great missional outcomes’, (Bruce Stevens Lt-Colonel, Victoria Divisional Commander).

“Along this journey there have been many profound experiences and life changing moments, but the biggest impact has come from getting to know God” Jeff Watts.

(For more of Jeff’s story see the article in the Oct 2019 edition of Others.)

Join with the START AOD Community in transforming lives.

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Corps - Local Mission Expression

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People struggling to overcome addiction

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Neri Morris 4 months ago

Think this is a really great idea Dean, thanks for joining the crowd and sharing!


Dean Mcwhinney 4 months ago

Thank you Neri, I hope other people will agree with you.


Graham Liddle 4 months ago

If this is already working, and lives are being impacted by God, God’s hand is on it.
Yes- Let’s expand on it.


Dean Mcwhinney 4 months ago

Thanks Graham for your vote of confidence. We have so many stories of transformation and restoration, I'd be happy to share them anytime.


Leonie Beckers 4 months ago

The foundation to recovery. Giving people the opportunity to learn new life skills. Positive impact on participants and the community.


Mia Bloxidge 4 months ago

A great initiative promoting real social change and bringing about positive results. This program facilitates a gap and stops people falling through the cracks.
An essential program offering so much to its participants.


Kate Vanyai 4 months ago

An amazing program with so many benefits. For this program to be able to reach more people in need would be fantastic.


Justin Lucas 4 months ago

The START program is a vital initiative providing immediately accessible acute care for AOD service users. Among other things, it also fills a gap on waiting lists for residential services, offers organic support within the community for service users and helps to reduce stigma for clients, families and workers alike. There are very few free services managed by trained professionals providing the multiple modality approach which START has to offer. The only thing missing from the START program is more START programs all over Australia.


Craig Farrell 4 months ago

START is an incredible program that has proven to show psychosocial outcomes in a consistent way over a couple of years. It’s stil new and is the best corps/social expression I have been part off. The focus on hospitality, acceptance, welcome, spirituality and holistic care is second to none. All the best to a great team and initiative.


Mandy Leighton 4 months ago

This program changed my life and can help change so many other people's lives.


Geraldine Lee 4 months ago

This idea fills a gap that is desperately needed to fight against the increase in drug use and support the drug user at their time of need. My prayer is that The Salvation Army take this opportunity and support this initiative in the war against drugs that will save lives.


Nicole McDonald 4 months ago

A truly phenomenal program that is FREE and has NO WAITLISTS. I have witnessed lives changing through this program. There are so many barriers to treatment and this program is changing that. Best program in the South East!


Sheryl Stokes Gran 4 months ago

The START program is very unique.It offers a welcoming environment with very professional dedicated personal. It offers different classes as art or music therapy as well as informative information on different emotions and ways to help yourself


Julia Carter 4 months ago

What a fantastic service , one of my family members has been supported by this service for years and would not be here without it. Thanks for caring


Peter Leighton 4 months ago

I am really impressed with how the program has helped two of my daughters extract them selves from drugs and start reaching out to help others


Jan Leighton 4 months ago

Two of my adult children have gone through the Start program and I think it is a special and amazing program. It gave me back my children.


Dean Sheean 4 months ago

Amazing program that transformed my life.


Belinda Cassie 4 months ago

This is a fantastic idea!


Andy Parsons 4 months ago

This program is truly amazing... It put me on the path to recovery after 40 years of addiction and has kept me there. It has also given me a sense of community where before there was isolation and hope where there was none.


Breeana Schneider 3 months ago

Good work Cuz!


Zoe Schneider 3 months ago

Your the best Cuz! Amazing work xx


Neri Morris 3 months ago

Status label added: RDL


Neri Morris 2 months ago

Status label added: Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019


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Annalise White 1 week ago

This program and the nurturing community at the Salvos saved my life and made it productive.


Neri Morris 3 days ago

Status label added: Incubator/Trial