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Inter-generational mainly music

by Darrell Wilson | Oct 3, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

The idea is to run mainly music in an aged-care facility or retirement village to encourage bringing generations together. Mainly music gives a basic introduction of who God is.

Bringing the generations together would help to build healthy communities for some of our most vulnerable people. This would be impacting on many levels.

Obviously this wouldn't need $200K, but it is a good idea. I must confess my wife Chelsea Wilson told me this a couple of weeks ago.

What department are you from?

Rockingham Corps

Who is your target market?

isolated older people and young families.

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Darrell Wilson

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Graham Liddle Oct 4, 2019

Lovely idea.


Lesina Joseph Oct 5, 2019

love this idea and will be praying into this as I believe will make a great impact for ALL generations past, present and future


Claire Clifton Oct 7, 2019

This is an awesome idea. So simple and lovely!


Neri Morris Oct 8, 2019

Love this idea! Thanks for joining the crowd!


Sarah Bolitho Oct 10, 2019

A fantastic idea - I envisage it would even extend years of life if not just the quality of life!


Lyn Freind Oct 10, 2019

Bringing new life to seniors, a positive approach to generational awareness, music definitely brings people together. Love the idea


Rowena Smith Oct 16, 2019

A wonderful idea! I tuned in to some of the series on the ABC called Old People Homes for 4 Year Olds. It was just astounding to see the remarkable change in the elderly people after their weeks of contact with the preschoolers. I hope this idea becomes a reality.


Simone Robertson 11 months ago

It would be good to connect with Aged Care - (Richard de Haast) to get some professional and practical experience I input and insight.


Lauren Mason 11 months ago

This can be modelled everywhere.


Karina Wood 11 months ago

I think this is a great idea. Mainly Music is a licensed program, however, so you may need to get permission from them to change the model slightly. We could easily do it across our other forms of playgroup too.


Neri Morris 8 months ago

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