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Justice Tables

by Miriam Gluyas | 8 months ago | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

Imagine a safe that people want to come to because they are passionate about the issue.  People sitting around tables, eating together and chatting about justice issues, with some statements about what Jesus thought about it.

 They then explore the issue, around the tables, and decide on something that they would do together about it. They become a group on mission.

It could be justice issues such as:
Welfare - food to the poor
Helping in emergency relief

 It would be great to get some key people together, each bringing a couple of like minded friends, some of whom are not yet Christians.

The first one, on homelessness for example, would include a key person from the homelessness space who would share about the reality of the issue, a little about what Jesus thinks about homelessness. Then they would suggest some conversation provoking questions for around the table, and some practical things that they can do to get involved, from easy to hard.  Everyone at the tables discusses and agrees on what they will do together.

A month later, they discuss feedback on what they did and then on to another topic. 

What department are you from?

NSW/ACT Divisional Headqaurters

Who is your target market?

Adults with a heart for social issues

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Neri Morris 7 months ago

What a great way to facilitate discussion with passionate, motivated people. Thanks for sharing Miriam!


Elise 7 months ago

Sounds like something worth being part of. Justice Tables would be most valuable if we have diversity in the attendees.


Melanie-Anne Holland 7 months ago

I can see this as a great way to connect with people around shared values and aspirations. In particular, I can see women really attracted to this model. However, it would take focus to ensure that it didn't simply become another service club.


Neri Morris 3 months ago

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