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by Beth Twivey | Sep 27, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

So here's the thing ... I'm 60 - what would I know about night life right!! 

Yet my idea is around the Salvos having a space in Sydney that would provide a place for young adults to come where there was great music, cool aesthetics, food, opportunity to champion local musos, great conversation and alcohol free.

A place where young Salvos could bring their friends, who may very well not be open or ready to come to a formal space within the Salvos.  What if this place provided ways to engage in faith conversation and discovery and disciple making?

I see opportunity, beyond this for gathering with others with similar passions - not only musos but the poets, the painters, the photographers, the writers, the actors.

What do you think?

What department are you from?

Area Officer - Sydney Wide

Who is your target market?

Young Adults

Beth Twivey

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Christopher Gray Sep 30, 2019

Love this idea. In the youth AOD space it probably doesn't come as any surprise to people that a huge challenge is starting that new life free from the old traps and temptations. One particular young fella springs to mind who's relapse was linked to two issues, one of them being the absence of a way to "blow off steam" and party in a scene free from the traps of his old life.

A connected concept which I've heard being thrown around is a playlist free of the rubbish messages and moral trash that fills most songs the participants in our program listen to. It's not my forte but if someone could put together a play list in line with your idea (party music, etc) that has themes encouraging and enriching life and life of hope, that would be amazing.


Jackie Blackledge Sep 30, 2019

I love this. I'm sure we have some suitable spaces available that are used during the day but dark at night so this could be implemented quickly and easily... and if we can help some young people get off the AOD treadmill, what a win for everyone!


Sharon Clanfield Sep 30, 2019

I think this is a great idea Beth


Belinda Cassie Oct 1, 2019

Such a great idea, and so many ways this could play out. A couple of volunteer baristas and a decent coffee machine would be an excellent addition.


Neri Morris Oct 8, 2019

Love it! Thanks for sharing Beth!


Jody King Oct 10, 2019

Sounds like a fantastic idea that would be a great idea in most areas as well as Sydney. It would be great if there was a space like this within the Greater West.


olivia styles Oct 10, 2019

love love LOVE this idea Beth! :) Would definitely be keen to chat to you more about this too! :)


Rowena Smith Oct 16, 2019

Great idea! Could happen in other major cities too....and then maybe a version of it could be trialed in some of the bigger rural cities to see if there was potential for it as a way of connection in the community....


Neri Morris 8 months ago

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