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by Steve Spencer | Sep 25, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Our corps has a pantec truck for our family stores. When it is not being used for such occasions, it is stored in a shed and does not move. There are many times when we are made aware that someone needs asssitance in moving small/medium/large items. Although we are not a removalist company, but if we can take advantage of using the assets of our people and the truck to provide another service, we have another way to:

. Bless Communities

. Create volunteer or employment opportunities (WFD participants can work as truck offsiders)

. Revenue streem

What department are you from?

Corps Ministries

Who is your target market?

. Elderly

. Single Parents

. Lower income earners

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Steve Spencer

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Mervyn Holland Sep 25, 2019

Steve, this has real merit and could be of significant assistance to those facing financial hardship when needing to relocate.
You will need to cover such bases as:
1 Drivers being appropriately licensed and signing Driver's Declaration
2 Implications from negative reactions from commercial removalists
3 Chech with HQ regarding insurance implications
4 Check with client re household goods insurance
5 check with Fleet regarding charging a fee for service. Donation only rule.
6 liability for fines etc.
Hope this helps. Blessings


Steve Spencer Sep 25, 2019

I have the idea. I don't have the full answer. This is where this community comes in to play.


Karizza Javier Oct 2, 2019

I've heard stories of Corps members having to help people move out because they've been kicked out, can't pay rent/mortgage. They most often have really tight deadlines and even tighter budgets to work with.

If the issues Mervyn pointed out could be addressed and how this service could be self sustaining, it has great potential to bless a lot of people.


Kate Cathcart Sep 26, 2019

I have often thought about this! For both elderly, low income & DV. Definitely good to have the right volunteers and training for this. Could be great for people who want exercise but don't use a gym!


Pamela Woodford Oct 2, 2019

you could talk to the SAL about this re moving people that are in a desperate situation


Fuchsia DeLange 11 months ago

We have a lot of people calling asking us to help with removal costs or asking if they can borrow the Salvos trucks. There is a moving company in the USA who partner with Good Shepherd to assist people leaving domestic violence.


Graham Liddle Oct 8, 2019

Great idea!


Jody King Oct 10, 2019

Steve, this is a wonderful idea, as I know that there are many resources such as the store trucks that sit in garages not being utilised to their capacity.

As Mervyn has pointed out there are a few things that need to be looked at, however, if there is anyone on this platform that can help this idea see the light I know that people in the Greater West would be grateful as the Freedom Centre in Penrith receives many phone calls requesting assistance with moving house, or moving items from storage etc.

Just adding to the idea, could the trucks and other resources be leased out to the community for a discounted price/donation like Hertz?

I look forward to seeing where this idea lands :D


Kevin Holland Oct 16, 2019

Another item to add to Mervyn's list:
Screening process - this type of service is open to abuse so how do we manage that risk?
I suspect that if this idea gets the votes, all the questions will be sorted by the various panels.


Claire Edmanson 11 months ago

This is a really good idea! As a program we are frequently searching for funds for removals and a program like this would be an incredible assistance


Steve Spencer 11 months ago

Since sharing this idea, I have seen many requests in our local area for a ministry of this kind. As a quick reference, if we charged $15-$25 an hour, I guesstamate we would have made $1000 already...


Stephen and WALL 11 months ago

Pity you aren't in NSW! Brilliant idea!
Gosford Corps need a SA truck to follow motorbike riders collecting food and blankets etc for Christmas. That's happening on 15th December....
Still waiting to hear back from Michael at West Gosford Salvo Store.


Neri Morris 11 months ago

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Neri Morris 10 months ago

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