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Trees Please

by Belinda Cassie | Sep 24, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Ireland, in a bid to help counteract climate change, has committed to planting 440 million trees by 2040. That’s huge! And whilst 440 million trees might be a bit ambitious for us, what might it look like if we hosted a tree planting day at our mission expressions. One day, every Salvo expression (or ALTs working together where geographically able), nation wide. We could turn it into a community event, partnering with local councils, schools, other churches - sausage sizzle, Salvo Store pop up booth, etc.


And why stop at one tree? Corps sections could each sponsor a tree, DHQ and THQ departments, units in our nursing homes - there are so many ways that everyone could be involved and we collectively could make a difference for the better for our environment. We are called to be good stewards of this earth, here’s a pretty easy way to collaborate with our local communities to do that. 

What department are you from?

Who is your target market?


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Belinda Cassie

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Elise Oct 15, 2019

Hi Belinda, I really like that your idea takes the initiative beyond TSA and out to the community, partnering with other community organisations, schools, etc.


Rowena Smith Oct 16, 2019

I really love this has great potential to connect with people in our communities. Environmental Issues are a huge concern for people in these times and I believe that TSA needs to be demonstrating good stewardship of the Earth not only because it is the right thing to do...but also because more and more these days, people not only want to align themselves with an organisation that cares for people..they want to align themselves with an organisation that cares for the planet. A community event is awesome....lets make it a plastic free event....


Melanie-Anne Holland Oct 22, 2019

I would be interested in how we might take this idea a bit further and commit to carbon off-setting all of our fleet vehicles through community planting programs - particularly if we could take the tree planting to drought affected communities and re-establish habitat corridors as part of the process.

Frankly, this may even be an enterprise opportunity, by extending a Salvos-managed carbon offset and planting service to larger Australian corporations.


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