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Neighbours Together Apartment Ministry

by Sandra Pawar | Sep 23, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019


To meet spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of immigrant, asylum seekers and refugee families living in a local apartment building and to offer a safe and inclusive community.  


An onsite program that allows us to build community and relationships with families in local apartment buildings.

 By renting an apartment in one of these apartment blocks we are able to have 24 hour/ 7 days a week access to the community living in the apartment building and to be incarnational and intentional in our ministry.

 This ministry would enable us to have access and live life with people who would not normally enter a church building and will allows us to be inclusive in our relationships.

Eventually we would like to see interns living in the apartment building. 


Life in a new country and a new city can be isolating and confusing, especially for new immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. There can be a tendency to stay inside and only venture out into the community to go shopping or to mix with those who are the same as them.

 In Blacktown we have found an area where there are many immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees living in the same apartment block and some of the people we have spoken to have shared of their loneliness and isolation. They have spoken of their desire to know their neighbours and to build relationships with others.  

 Many of these same people would never venture into a church building, so we need to come to them. By renting out an apartment we would be able to have 24/7 access to these families and we would be able to offer community to those most in need of it. It would allow us to build relationships slowly and naturally.


Onsite programs:

-Welcome dinners for new residents as they move in

-Seasonal parties, events and celebrations for residents

- Visitation and pastoral care for residents during special life events, birthdays, new births, deaths, loss of jobs

-In-house English classes

-women’s and men’s fellowship  

-After school help

-bible studies/ dinner church  

- good neighbour days (help with cleaning etc.)

-referrals to local services and organisations.

-prayer room







What department are you from?

Corps/ Multicultural Church Plant 

Who is your target market?

Immigrants/ Asylum Seekers and Refugees 

Sandra Pawar

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Neri Morris Sep 23, 2019

What a great idea Sandra! Thanks for sharing it! Anil Arya has posted an idea that I'd recommend you check out, it's called "Integrated services/programs for new immigrants to Australia as new revenue stream" there could some great synergy between your idea and his idea. Encourage you to check it out - for an idea to progress to the Redemptive Design Lab you need two people at least to part of the idea, so maybe there is potential for you both combine your ideas. Just a suggestion though, both ideas have great merit on their own as well!

Thanks for sharing your idea in the crowd!

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Nina Conquest Sep 26, 2019

I love this idea Sandra! A true vision of incarnational ministry...being Jesus in peoples everyday lives.


Neri Morris 11 months ago

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Neri Morris 10 months ago

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