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Just Game - Board Game Network / Isolation Breaking Project

by Matt Atkins | Sep 23, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

To leverage the growing board game community into a network all connected around Australia using Corps/Churches buildings as home bases.

Board game communities are amazing at social inclusion and breaking isolation for (young) adults that can be stuck in our local communities.The idea at its basic is to help churches etc to create new connection pathways for youth/young/adults that may not have any connect (anymore).

We have been running our group for nearly 10 years, have seen people come to church for the first time and others comeback. As well we have been networking with local groups that want to take our name on.

The idea would to create a Brand that is associated with safe and fun communities. We would produce how to guide to run these groups with suggestions videos etc for less experienced people to start these groups and joint events as well as online events.

With a Brand created we would partner with distributors etc to allow each community to access games at cost reduction etc.

This is Phase 1 of the project with multiple phases already planned out.

What department are you from?

Reservoir Salvation Army

Who is your target market?

Corps/Churches to start new communities

(Young) Adults for the groups

With options to push into children/youth/schools area in future.

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Matt Atkins

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Graham Kennedy Sep 23, 2019

I have seen these board game events around, there are some themed restaurants that have this. Our youth group preferred games such as Warhammer and Magic the Gathering but this demanded a lot of time and investment. These are games that are popular among youth at the moment but some parents can be uncomfortable with. Games nights were OK as a special event for us but wasn't sustainable every week.


Matt Atkins Sep 24, 2019

Agreed with your thoughts. Both of those games you mentioned while amazing games do require alot of investment which is alienating.

Our groups which run monthly (which is more sustainable than weekly even though they want it) had a focus of inclusion which means games catered for easy entry as well as shortish games to allow more people to join in or groups to switch around


Neri Morris Sep 23, 2019

Really like this idea Matt! Thanks for sharing it in the crowd! It's a wonderful way to break down barriers, have some fun and a good laugh.


Christopher Gray Sep 27, 2019

I share your dream and vision for connecting people through games with the community of God, and have a slightly different/complementary angle. I've been working on concepts for about five years for board-games that introduce people to stories in the bible with the hope they will want to find out more and make their way to the bookshelf and pull out their bibles. The first game is three years (almost 12 months of play testing and reviews) in the making and in the final stages of figuring out production/distribution.

I post for a few reasons. 1) encourage you guys and I hope your idea gets off the ground, nice work. 2) see if anyone has come accross some games that have bible themes that are engaging, not just like a trivia game with bible themes but a truely unique biblical game 3) I'd love to get a copy of my game into someone else's hands and get some feedback.

It's a missional project for me, not a money making scheme.


Sye Robertson Sep 30, 2019

Hi Christopher, if you search for Tabletop Game Designers Australia on facebook you will find a group, in it you can ask if there are any other game designers in your area and then work out how to play each others games.


Matt Atkins 11 months ago

Hi mate. Happy to get try out the game in our church groups if you want to get us a copy


Neri Morris 11 months ago

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Neri Morris 10 months ago

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