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Salvo house swap

by Darren Kingston | Sep 23, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

how about setting up a salvo house swap, so when your going away you could let people know and someone can use your house, or visa versa, if your looking for a place to stay for some holidays how about you swap with someone or just use their house while their away. It would save on cost and extra security for your house while your away. If it’s a Corps officers quarters you‘d have to tell the corps, you don’t want any late night calls on your holidays

What department are you from?

local Corps 

Who is your target market?


Darren Kingston

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Neri Morris Sep 23, 2019

A new take on the Airbnb concept - I like it!


Marc Allison Oct 2, 2019

Great idea Darren!

It would also help us to connect with other people in other geographic areas of the Salvation Army.

It's a slightly different concept to AirBnB because it's about swapping. A friend of mine who is retired has done this for months at a time overseas.

How to get started?

Technology: a Google Sheet with tracking changes with a list of all those wanting to offer their home at certain times, shared with those who are most keen.

Adopters: ask people you know well in TSA if they want to be part of it and restrict it to them to get it started.

In time, perhaps:

Advertise on the forthcoming TSA Wellness App!

Consider pivoting/changing the concept to the AirBnB.

Extend the concept to Salvation Army contacts outside Australia.

Approach a platform to facilitate the process through their respective platforms, eg: AirBnB/Stayz/


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