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Online Young People's Church, Counselling and Chat

by Graham Kennedy | Sep 19, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

Why are Gen Y and Z missing from our churches. How do they relate to our Corps setting. Maybe we don’t hear from them because they no longer communicate in the same way we do. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are fast becoming dated as younger generations turn to new forms of communication.

Discord, VR Chat and even Open World Adventure online games are where they communicate now. I have seen my own children evangelise and counsel other young people through these mediums and this seems to be an electronic place where our youth are congregating.

For the Church to remain relevant we may need to be communicating with the young generations on their terms.

Discord is a popular voice, video and text multi-platform channel where private chat rooms can be set up to accommodate a group or groups of people who share a similar interest

VR Chat is a free to play, multiplayer, online social chat program that allows real time 3 dimensional avatars to interact with each other. A virtual room can be set where avatars only hear each other when they are in proximity to one another. This can give a realistic feel to say a coffee shop setting when avatars engage in conversation. This is also used on conventional PC’s.

Open World Adventure games are also used for invited groups to interact on private servers and encourages voice and avatar interaction.

These are not only gaming platforms but are also a place for youth to congregate and talk, maybe offering online youth programs, counselling and even interactive church could be trialed.

As outreach tools these can be very cost effective to set up and reach beyond geography and time restraints. Reaching out to younger generations on their terms would begin the process of communicating with and reconciling our future generations to God.

What department are you from?

Eva Burrows College

Who is your target market?

Millennial's and Gen Z

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Graham Kennedy

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Matt Atkins Sep 23, 2019

I work in both the young adults and gaming/VR space, it would require a massive undertaking to do this (not against it) but not sure if it would just be another in the area.

Also was tried around 10 years ago with Grant Whitehead


Graham Kennedy Sep 23, 2019

Third person chat rooms, Open world adventure games and discord were quite simple and inexpensive to operate. We just need a small, young, team of switched on facilitators and a few computers to reach out to a generation who use these new mediums to communicate with each other.


Neri Morris Sep 23, 2019

Sounds like a really interesting approach to reaching youth and young adults of today. I know my nephews are into online gaming, so if there was a way to reach in addition to a relational connection, that would be great!

Agree with Matt that it might be a bug undertaking, but we have to start somewhere, right? Maybe this is the start of the journey rather than the destination.


Graham Kennedy Sep 24, 2019

Yes it seems most Milennials and Gen Z use online gaming and also use them as forums to connect by generally hanging out with each other. We may need to explore this to be able to connect with youth that no longer engaged with institutions. Church and Clubs such as Lions, Rotary, Scouts are no longer attractive to today's generation as they are seen as irrelevant. We need to talk about God on their terms otherwise it seems we may loose the ability to communicate at all.


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