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Link social media profile with donors

by Anil Arya | Sep 19, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Currently, we don't have any type of social media login capability on our website. Donors should be able to login using their facebook/google/twitter profile so that they don't have to fill in their details every time and also they get a choice to share about their donation with their friends/follower in social media. The feature should be designed in a way that its optional and also the sharing feature should not include the amount donated unless the donor explicitly wishes to do so.

This will make the donation easier for the donors and we would get more visibility into our donors social profile. Sharing feature can also help in encouraging more people to donate.

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

Pretty much everyone who has a social media presence

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Anil Arya

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Neri Morris Sep 19, 2019

That's a great way to increase donations, removing the barriers to entry. It reminds me of Facebook's ability to raise money for a charity for your birthday instead of opting for presents. Maybe there is some sort of connection that. Thanks for joining the Crowd!


Darrell Wilson Sep 19, 2019

Yes. And I also think that people should be able to donate to their local Salvation Army through facebook. People care about their local area. We need the method for donating to be as simple and accessible as possible.


Marc Allison Sep 20, 2019

Another great idea, Anil.

This would also give us more insights into donors than what we have at present and better enable us to target new donors.

This kind of innovation could be part of a broader review of how to make giving “frictionless”.


Veronica Hunt Sep 23, 2019

I agree!!


Ryan Hook Sep 29, 2019

I really this idea.


Andre D'Cruz Oct 4, 2019

You're on a roll Anil!
Depends on the privacy considerations, this could also provide us insightful data on our donors' demographics.


Neri Morris 11 months ago

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Neri Morris 10 months ago

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