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Leadership School

by Darrell Wilson | Oct 3, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
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Healthy spiritual leadership is critical for Mission impact.

Let's develop and implement a strategy aimed at enlisting and increasing the number of leaders available for frontline mission. The Leadership School will aim to increase the development of Spiritual Leadership within our movement.

The strategy of the school will be to identify healthy mission expressions within The Salvation Army and place students in those expressions in order to learn from the best frontline leaders we have..

Students will be recruited from wherever we can find them - from all ages and walks of life. A recruitment strategy will be developed seeking people who have Godly character, are gifted in leadership, and love the Salvos Mission. We will go find people!!!!

Once students are trained (flexibility in training is a key) they will be deployed and empowered to lead frontline mission.

This idea can work alongside current recruitment and training methods and should even integrate with our TSA college.

What department are you from?

Rockingham Corps

Who is your target market?

Anyone with Godly character, a gift of leadership, and a heart for TSA mission

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Darrell Wilson

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Graham Liddle Oct 4, 2019

Yes. In today’s world, we need to be flexible and intentional in recruiting people for the call of God. Learning on the job in practical settings, with Godly leadership around the recruits is a great way to disciple and mentor.


Neri Morris Oct 8, 2019

I think this is a great idea!


Ian Channell Oct 10, 2019

Don't we already have a Leadership School? Isn't spiritual leadership part of the mission of the Training College?


Darrell Wilson Oct 11, 2019

Yes we do but it’s academic training with a prac component. This idea would be practical based training in a mission environment.


Neri Morris 7 months ago

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