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by Nate Brown | Sep 17, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S2 - Dec19-Jan20

Stories are powerful. When you hear someone's story, you lean in and something in them connects with something in you.

I work at a Salvation Army expression on the Central Coast of NSW and we would love to better tell the stories of people whose lives have been transformed while engaging with our service. If we could capture these stories in short video format, they would be a powerful tool to inspire people, promote programs or connect with potential funding partners. BUT we currently don't have the skills or technology to do this well. 

The TSA media and communications team produce excellent content when it comes to story telling but there are far more stories than they have the time to tell. So, it would be so good to equip Salvos to tell great stories.

There are a three potential aspects to this:

1. One-day workshops where TSA media team teach local people the basics of story-telling and video production:

  • Identifying a great story
  • Planning ahead re questions/script, shots etc
  • How to film it using only a phone
  • How to edit it using freely available software
  • Avoiding common mistakes

2. TSA media team develop video content templates such as intros, outros, frames, logos which local people can use when producing their own video stories. (I have no idea about video production so I'm not even sure if this is feasible re file type etc)

3. Some people are just passionate about media production and might want to volunteer their time to help others. Could there be a online platform where people can post media projects they need help with and connect with people who have the skills and desire to help? Could also be used for getting feedback on projects, or sharing locally produced resources? Not sure if there is a big enough base/community of people to make this kind of platform function well though...Also might be a can of worms re moderation, etiquette etc 

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

Potential clients / Corps members / potential funding partners

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Nate Brown

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Michelle Watts Sep 18, 2019

Hey Nate, some great ideas here. I lead the Salvo Studios team so will chat through these ideas with the others in my team. Give me a call if you want to discuss this more.


Michelle Watts Sep 18, 2019

Also, if you hear of great stories or testimonies email me on


Karen Jeffery Sep 18, 2019

Some great ideas Nate.


Neri Morris Sep 19, 2019

Stories are so powerful and love the idea of up-skilling people to be able to capture them in a way that can be easily shared. Great idea Nate and thanks for joining the IDEAS Crowd!


Judy Avila Sep 19, 2019

What a wonderful idea Nate! This aligns with our Storytelling project under Aged Care.


Peter Mushenko Sep 19, 2019

As you say, stories are so powerful, and one of the most important elements of touching people's hearts and inspiring them to support the cause financially to help make an impact.

The more videos available on different programs/areas to share with individuals for major gift fundraising the better.


Peter Mushenko Sep 20, 2019

If this does get up I'd also like to suggest a second part to the idea - which is a central store to have copies of all the videos made, with links to them and a short description/catalogue/tagging system so that videos on particular topics or programs can be easily identified and found for use with donors and all that are interested.

Making is one thing. Maximising the availability for them to be made useful is equally important.


Karizza Javier Sep 20, 2019

Hi everyone, I'm also from the Salvo Studios team here. Thanks for the interest in video content, we're keen to discuss this within the team and with you all to see how we can work together.

For now, if you're looking for work produced by Salvo Studios please head over to our Youtube channel: The national Youtube channel has resources available there as well:


Darrell Wilson Nov 13, 2019

This is great. We should have stories from all over Australia and post them via YouTube. Even if we have some basic equipment networked all over Australia that any mission centre can access for producing the media.


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