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Chaplain to Department of Child Protection and Family Support

Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS) work with possibly the most vulnerable people in society. We think it would be a great idea to provide chaplaincy services to CPFS staff, which could also extend to the families they work with.

The staff of CPFS usually take on their role to make a positive difference with Children and their families, and can quickly discover that the demands of their work are overwhelming. We would love to support the protection of children in our community through this partnership.

What department are you from?

Rockingham Corps

Who is your target market?

Staff of CPFS and, where appropriate, Children and Families

edited on Oct 3, 2019 by Darrell Wilson

Graham Liddle 8 months ago

Awesome idea! Would be great to give Christian love and support to the social workers.

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Bernadette Tranter 7 months ago

Excellent idea, and much needed service. I have many friends in social work and it is a very draining and emotionally exhausting profession, with an exceptionally high turnover rate of staff. Very much needed.

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Neri Morris 7 months ago

Great idea - thanks for sharing it!

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Elise 7 months ago

Yes, child protection workers are definitely over-worked and under-supported and there is also a very high turnover in the profession. Darrell have you got any thoughts on how to make this idea scaleable and sustainable? I'm just mindful that nation wide there are so many workers so extending the program to a number of sites could quickly become resource-intensive.

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Darrell Wilson 7 months ago

As a Corps Officer I would be keen for our Children’s/Families Ministry Leader to be involved as part of our Churches ministry to the community.

I think for sustainability there would need to be a partnership with the department financially, which could happen if they see a benefit.

I think CPFS would be willing to try things given the pressure they are under.

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Lyn Freind 7 months ago

Thanks Darrell for your idea. If we as a SA could tap into delivering a chaplain service to CPFS it would be a positive move forward. It would definitely be a specialized area for a chaplain but well worth partnering.

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Belinda Cassie 7 months ago

Agreed. This would be a very specialised area and would require some very specific training. It would also realistically require a lot of support for the chaplain- ie monthly supervision as a standard, and permission to enter the appointment with the knowledge that compassion fatigue is very real, and that it is a high turnover sector in part because of the immensity of trauma encountered and this would apply just as equally to the chaplain, once in the appointment will the chaplain have permission to say “this isn’t for me” and be able to move into another area without being stigmatised?

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Darrell Wilson 7 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Belinda; No doubt it would be intense work and would require much support (I don't believe we should stigmatise anyone).

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Kathryn Easton 7 months ago

I think this is a fabulous Idea, I have worked for the Department in the past and know that staff need outside support due to resource restrictions with in the Department. I also know that this is the only service that works in crisis that does not have access to Chaplains through any official channel.

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Beth Roberts 2 weeks ago

I think the basis of this would be is it sustainable and would we be able to supply qualified and quality chaplains... You said that, " I think for sustainability there would need to be a partnership with the department financially, which could happen if they see a benefit.". This is an important aspect but also what would it take for us to provide this service consistently across Perth, or WA. Or is it something that would better be offered as an expression of local capacity, skills and passion.

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