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Saved to Serve Others education program (S2SO)

by Rachal Mills | Sep 16, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S4-Apr20-Jun20

Our Mission Center is situated among the lost and the least,our Center is often over flowing with community members who are seeking but not in the position to train and be trained . We believe , the only way to break the generational cycle of poverty and make a real change in the lives of the families now and for the future is Education , holistic education . We propose a training center, a center that we are able to enroll our community members in and train them, not just with an education but in life , classes on living , growing ,spiritual and health , real life skill classes and an education . they would learn to cook,clean, parenting skills , home maker skills ,communication an the equivalent to a year 10 or year 12 cert . equip for life and the begging of a new start , 



What department are you from?

Social Mission 

Who is your target market?

Young Adults and Adults unemployed and untrained 

Rachal Mills

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Wendy Sep 16, 2019

Brilliant mission based to the community level. William Booth will be praising God in Heaven.


Peter Houlihan Sep 16, 2019

Yes and....I wonder, if in Victoria at least, there is the potential to partner with the CAE ( ) in the planning and delivery. In their mission statement they have "Transforming lives through the power of learning", sounds kind of aligned and they offer many life-skills courses.


Neri Morris Sep 17, 2019

A wonderful idea!


David Watson Sep 17, 2019

Awesome place to work and great staff


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Anthony Byrne 8 months ago

Sounds like this would be a great idea.


Neri Morris 5 months ago

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