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Welcome Home

by Steve Spencer | Sep 16, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

We have many people experiencing homelessness and loss of family in Mackay. This in turn creates gaps in social skills and a sense of being a part of a community. It is for that reason, that I want to foster a change in our connection with people in these circumstances. My idea is called "Welcome Home". When it is made known to us that a member of the community has become socially isolated for (many reasons), their social skills become limited. It has been our experience to learn that their vocal language is limited and they become rather shy. For that reason. when I see people at our mission expression, I want to Welcome them Home.


The main site for the Mackay Corps and Connect Site is almost in the geographical center of the community; therefore I have used the following statement:


"Mackay Salvos Where Hope Resides in the middle of the City."


Our staff leave their home to be in our Salvo Home in the heart of the city. 


Although we endeavor to promote a professional facility, we want our people to feel that they are at Home where they can relax and speak openly. A place that they can retreat to from the business of the world. A place to call home.

What department are you from?


Who is your target market?

Anyone and everyone

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michael schreck Sep 16, 2019

What a wonderful strategy. It has a real sense of warmth and caring to it... I'd be interested in what our communications and marketing department think of your positioning. I think this has a national feel to it. Well done and God Bless!


Melanie Cotton Sep 16, 2019

What a beautiful idea, and it meets a need that is both very real and difficult to articulate. Aside from using the language of "home" in your centre, what will the initiative look like?

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Steve Spencer Sep 25, 2019

For a start, I would like to look at the properties that we present. I am particularly speaking about the areas in which we do our Connect sites for SAL card distribution or other such social welfare ministry.

I am sure many of us have seen the inside of a clinical waiting room. Very cold, stark and not very appealing. I want to be able to move away from the clinical "here is your card" see you next time to "I have shared this assistance from my table to yours - Christian Fellowship".

We pray before each Connect time but what our team probably does not know is that I also pray over the cards and ask for a blessing to the household that it is supporting at that critical time.


Paul Knight Sep 19, 2019

Thank you. I love the warmth of this idea. I'm thinking about what home means to me.

Its people. The people I know best, who I don't have to try too hard with.

Its comfort, somewhere to relax. Somewhere where I can be myself. Somewhere I know I'll always be able to go, where I am wanted and known.

Jesus promised rest for your soul if you are weary and burdened. That, I suppose, is home too.

You can relax at a day spa, but its not home - its not sustainable. Home is not an escape, its life. A good home is a satisfying life, a place where you are understood. Where you have the stability to function and start getting stuff done.

Don't know how that translates, but sometimes you have to meander on the journey for a while without worrying straight away where it will lead, eh?


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