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Halls for Hire -

by Malin Elgestad | Sep 16, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

UPDATE: 24.02.20

- The innovation team will continue to support the idea into an incubator stage to develop fully the business case and change management map.

- The Idea Development grant will commit $30,000 funding support for the above to be achieved.


Property Group has identified an existing business that operates as a web based platform across Australia - Halls for Hire


Across the country it is estimated there are some 300 halls* that are used for TSA church purposes within their local communities. Many of our front line officers also open their halls for short term hiring to community based groups for events ranging from indoor sports, craft classes, birthdays and other events that range from funerals and weddings.

Officers have the ability to book, plan and record activities through manual record keeping/spreadsheets and the like. Additionally fees are charged depending on length of booking, frequency of booking and space required. The availability of the space is known by word of mouth and not broadly promoted. This results in consistently low occupancy. 

Funds raised by these endeavours are used within the Corps to support other local mission expressions.


  • Create a consistent web based presence for our Halls
  • Promote the availability of our Halls to our local communities without losing control of who might book
  • Make it easy for customers to check availability
  • Make it easy for customers to pay -  the appropriate space is available and the customer is also appropriate
  • Increase the occupancy of Halls and the funds generated by them to redeploy to local mission expression
  • Make administration of the booking and payment process easy for TSA
  • Open our Halls to new customers who in turn can be exposed to TSA

What department are you from?


TSA National Property Department

This is a MEF deliverable, creating value for Mission Expression and Service Improvements as a result of the National Transformation

Who is your target market?


Anyone in the local communities wanting to use a hall/ event space. 

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Chandra Ramakrishnan Sep 16, 2019

Great program, and a win win for the community and for Salvos


Neri Morris Sep 17, 2019

Great idea! Makes a lot of sense.


Paul Prince Sep 17, 2019

Excellent Idea. Just working through this at my church as we speak...Along with costs/charges etc.


Timothy Roberts Sep 18, 2019

Paul, is there anything I can do to help? We have been doing quite a lot of external analysis and we can assist getting you on the external website now: Halls for Hire as part of the trial if you like? Warm regards Tim Roberts


Brett Allchin Sep 19, 2019

Good on ya Paul


Anthony Eden Sep 17, 2019

As a regular user of lots of different TSA venues, there is a big opportunity here. However, from my perspective the biggest issue isn't working out availability/bookings - it's actually getting specs/info on the venues themselves. Almost no one can provide drawings with venue dimensions, info on in-built AVL systems, internet details (e.g. for streaming), power, rigging, parking, loading docks, access, fire system use/isolation, etc. etc. There's a big project here to sort out this documentation nation-wide and make it readily available.


Nate Brown Sep 17, 2019

Great to maximise the utility of resources


Matt Atkins Sep 19, 2019

Sounds like a smart use of resources


Janice Scelzo Sep 19, 2019

With a master list of all the specifications and attributes of each venue this would be an excellent use of space and add value for our real estate and relationships within TSA and the wider community.


Peter Mushenko Sep 19, 2019

I love it when I see collaboration and partnerships between churches in using the resources God has supplied to maximum efficiency and effect and blessing to the community.

That's why I love it when I hear of worship facilities utilised by Seventh Day Adventist churches on Saturday's and The Salvation Army on Sundays.

It's such a win for everyone, and if good relationships are fostered, provides opportunities for greater collaborations on programs to utilise the facilities during the week with volunteers/attendees from both congregations.

Like Paul said, different parts of the body have different strengths and we can all be stronger working in concert/collaboration together. :)


Mervyn Holland Sep 25, 2019

This is an excellent initiative and is much needed to optimize the use of our buildings.
I'd be interested in reading the terms and conditions of hire, especially in relation to exclusion clauses.


Timothy Roberts Sep 25, 2019

Mervyn, thanks for your note. The really powerful thing about the design of the web system to support this process doesn't alter the exclusions we have in place in Halls across the country now. The acceptance of a booking remains at the local level. Once we have finalised the proof of concept we can check back with you to make sure we have covered the bases. Warm regards Tim


Catherine Philpot Sep 26, 2019

Great Idea. Centenary Salvos is already going down this path and regularly book our hall to outside community groups. We're particularly passionate about groups that boost community wellbeing like the Australian Breastfeeding Association, Fitness and First aid classes. We would love to be able to fund an onsite Salvo presence or even a coffee cart, so that when groups rent the hall there are Salvos around to facilitate connection between their group and the local Salvo community. But even without that, having more people in our property is more people knowing where we are, getting used to being in our space and seeing our local advertising about events we're running.


Elise Adams Sep 26, 2019

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best - this is fabulous.


Christy Kurth Sep 27, 2019

We are working on this at the moment. A first aid trainer has approached us to hire our hall one day a week. I am super excited about seeing the hall used on another day and the extra revenue will be a huge help.


Esther Ong Nov 8, 2019

Great! We are already opening our hall for community groups to use. Instead of tiring myself running homeleague programs and all kinds of community outreach programs to reach out to the community, all we have to do is open our halls for them to run their programs in our place. We have had opportunities to build bridges of friendship with the groups who use our place and have already invited them to one corps event and will be inviting them to the Corps Christmas celebration this year.


Neri Morris Nov 18, 2019

Status label added: RDL


Terri Muendel Nov 19, 2019

LOVE This idea. We have been looking into something like this as well. Really keen to get listed online. We're blessed with amazing facilities and are really keen for our community to come and use them but manual processing is a pain and at this stage we don't have a pricing plan etc. Would be really interested in partnering in this.


Neri Morris 11 months ago

Status label added: Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019


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Neri Morris 9 months ago

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Neri Morris 8 months ago

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