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Salvo Cleaning & Facility Management Services

by michael schreck | Sep 13, 2019 | in Archived Ideas
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

Corporate cleaning and facility management is a huge business - retail, office blocks, schools, and so on - they all need cleaning and maintenance work... Even the Salvo's head office and various properties needs cleaning services!

What about offering the service to some of our large corporate partners such as Westpac?

We can source our human-power from a range of programs that expose us to quality people that need work and a sense of direction (we can also provide training and qualifications)... Perhaps this concept can even be a franchise?

I know that I'd prefer to give my cleaning account to the Salvos ahead of for-profit-only businesses...

A Salvo's Cleaning & facility Management business can also be attractive to the private sector.

What department are you from?


The Innovation Department

Who is your target market?


Corporate Australia

Large Retail Chains

Current suppliers and strategic partners of the Salvation Army


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michael schreck

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Peter Adcock Sep 16, 2019

I work at BaptistCare and we have a cleaning company social enterprise, providing employment pathways for the disadvantaged. I would love to partner for the joint victory


Peter Adcock Sep 24, 2019

we also have a gardening social enterprise.


Belinda Cassie Sep 16, 2019

If this could somehow be tied to a relevant cleaning qualification, it could be a great way for asylum seekers and refugees to gain a qualification and work experience as well. A lot of asylum seekers that cross my path end up getting cash in hand cleaning jobs out in community and are often underpaid and ripped off. It would be great if we could provide a legitimate pathway for a recognised qualification, work experience and an income. Huge potential in this idea.


michael schreck Sep 17, 2019

Hi Peter and Belinda,

It's great to meet you both through this platform... I have a business relationship with a company called Ozy Integrated Services... These guys can provide all the training and qualifications we need... But, Peter, it would be great to combine our efforts with BaptistCare - happy to progress together (call my mobile if you'd like to chat further - 0488 240 392)... Belinda, like you, I have always envisaged helping those within the refugee community... Lets keep the dialogue going and lets encourage others to vote for this Idea - it's a game changer!


Glendon Mar Sep 19, 2019

Yes I agree. Cleaning jobs are always out there. Corporates and private customers are willing to give social enterprise a go*. It also fulfills their social responsibility and they can be assured that cleaning staff are qualified and getting paid the correct Award wage. Many cleaning companies don't. Of course the cleaning company must be able to 'deliver' once the door has been opened. I currently manage cleaning services for Oasis, Foster House, Samaritan House, and have also done so with Streetlevel, Corps and Safe Houses. Last year we were in discussion with TAFE regarding a Cert III in cleaning. A 10week course 2 days/week. Several of my staff have at one stage, experienced homelessness. I see it as a viable pathway into employment - and covers a wide age group as well. Happy to join in your discussion and meetings about cleaning.
By the way - you can do the same with a gardening company as well.
* We were approached 2 years ago by a large Newspaper publisher to tender for their cleaning contract - as they were wanting to engage a social enterprise.


michael schreck Sep 23, 2019

Hi Glendon,

I love the feedback and the work that you are doing... I'd love to hear more and to also let you know of the work that I'm doing in this space in more detail. I'm sure we could drive things forward together and "at pace"... Can you either email me directly on or phone my mobile on 0488 240 392, all the best, Michael Schreck


Peter Sutcliffe Sep 23, 2019

Great idea, when we were in Sydney we used a social enterprise group to do our facilty cleaning and they were just as good (and far cheaper) as any for profit cleaner.


Matt Atkins Sep 23, 2019

Use the same model that Salvos Catering does, help employ those that struggle to get work ie refugees etc


Sye Robertson Sep 30, 2019

While the core idea is really good, I worry about using vulnerable people for a job that is often physically taxing and deals with strong chemicals etc. I also am concerned about the comments here assuming that we should direct refugees to this type of work.

Providing options for people is great, but they need to be options that help grow, not just fill a gap doing a job most of us don't want to do.

I would also hope that anyone hired would be paid a sustainable living wage.


Neri Morris Nov 7, 2019

Completely agree! Some great points there Sye!


Angus Robertson Oct 15, 2019

Love the idea. Creates Jobs!


Michael McDonald Nov 11, 2019

The country really needs it too, record low interest rates, need some economic stimulation.


Vinh Luong Nov 11, 2019

Good program


Neri Morris Nov 18, 2019

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Neri Morris Dec 4, 2019

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