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The T@ble

by Greigory Whittaker | Sep 13, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

the T@ble is a very simple concept for a new faith community.

Its centered around a shared meal and great conversation. The key is everyone helps prepare the meal, serve the meal and clean up. It starts with community. This is not welfare, its family.

Over the meal there is facilitated conversation that enables people to get to know each other beyond the weather and footy. Then there is a TED type talk presentation around a life issue that directs the next part of the table talk.

This is NOT designed as a one off meal, but rather people sharing life and community together on a regular basis. Its church delivered differently!

We have developed a play book that gives you everything you need to get started.

In the trail T@ble that we ran at the Ryde Corps in Sydney, the Corps guys said it was the most fun they have ever had sharing their faith and life with others, and it was so easy to invite their friends and people they came in contact with, everyone said "yes," and had a great time.

What department are you from?

NSW Division Corps team leader

Who is your target market?


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Belinda Cassie Sep 15, 2019

Yes! Awesome idea. Rev. Stacy Midge is doing this exact same thing out of a shopfront in NYC, they have expanded to two nights a week as so many people want to be part of a community exactly as described above. They don't use a pass the salt kind of kit though, they pull a passage from scripture and debate/talk it through around the table as they eat and share. Brilliant stuff.


Paul Kinder Sep 16, 2019

This looks very much like the BELLS meals suggested by Mike Frost in his book, “Five habits of highly missionary people.”
The book has been promoted by NSW/ACT Division over the last 5 years or so.


Riccardo Armillei Sep 16, 2019

The best way to meet other people and get to know each other. Table is about sharing and becoming closer to each other!


Nate Brown Sep 18, 2019

I love this Greig - an excellent resource developed too - thank you

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Naomi01 Sep 24, 2019

Such a great idea. I think community like this is what God's Kindgom is all about. I loved being a part of The T@ble at Ryde last year! Can we bring it back? :)

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Christopher Gray Sep 30, 2019

So good. And thank you for sharing resources.


Tamara Pilgrim Oct 21, 2019

Can't deny the power of community that develops around the dinner table (and in the kitchen). A few folk facilitate and promote similar concepts. One I was looking at is no longer in print. Great resource you've put together for this. Curious as to where this has gone beyond your trial and whether you have any engagement from non-Corps members?


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