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The Welcome Table

by Sandra Pawar | Sep 11, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019


Update: 02.03.20


The Welcome Table team had not developed the idea to a point where they were ready to pitch. The Innovation team will be continuing to work with them in a coaching capacity to design a proposal around a pilot phase.



Welcome definition: “1. received gladly into one's presence or companionship 2. giving pleasure or received with gladness or delight especially in response to a need...”


The table: Sharing tables is one of the most uniquely human things we do. The table is a place of human connection and community. We’re often most fully alive to life when sharing a meal with others around a table.


The Welcome Table: Desires to be a place of connection and community for those in our community who are longing to be welcomed and included. A place where they feel accepted and a place where new friendships are made. The welcome table is all about inclusion and removing social isolation. It is about making new friends and sharing life.


The Welcome Table consists of 5 components:

1)      The Welcome Table: A welcome meal for newly arrived refugees, asylum seekers or immigrants. For centuries the simple act of sharing food and swapping stories has been a widely accepted practice that has caused strangers to become friends.  The Welcome Table wants this very simple idea to help welcome newly arrived immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers find community in their new place of residence. 

Target Audience: Refugees/ Asylum seekers or immigrants. Families, couples or individuals that are newly arrived in the community are invited to a welcome dinner that will help kick start their new journey to finding community.


2)      The Welcome Kitchen: The welcome kitchen is about combining English conversational classes with cooking classes in a fun and social environment. We are wanting to engage both their mind and their palate. These classes, which are designed encourage confidence and teach the English language, as well as practical skills, like grocery shopping and understanding foreign food labels. The kitchen is often where community is created and so this enables that same sense of community to be built.  The safety and security of the kitchen is what allows them to progress, to push past their comfort zones

Target Audience: Those who are interested in learning conversational English skills in a fun and social environment


3)      Welcome Table Outreach: This part of the program is about reaching out to the restaurant and hospitality industry within the local Blacktown area. Often the hospitality industry can  be the host site for many of the most vulnerable within our community, single parents, at risk teens, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, even those who have been trafficked and ex-felons trying to turn their life around. They are so busy serving others that their needs often go unnoticed. We want to offer weekly outreach to this population and let them know we are here and we care.

Target Audience: Those that run, manage and work in the hospitality and restaurant industry. 


4)      Welcome Table Students: This is a Saturday evening supper club for overseas students who are missing their home country, home cooking and a sense of community.

Target Audience: Overseas students studying in Sydney.


5)      The Welcome Table Catering:  This is our catering social enterprise. This will help the people we work with to learn important employment skills, catering skills, and administration and leadership skills, whilst making money to help them support their families. 


Volunteer Opportunities

  • ·       Adopt a restaurant
  • ·       Care packages at significant celebratory times of the year
  • ·       Street Outreach
  • ·       Cater a dinner
  • ·       Host a dinner  


What department are you from?


We are a multicultural church plant within Western Sydney called WestConnect Salvos


WestConnect Salvos: offering multicultural connections and community within the Western Sydney Area through acts of hospitality and service 

Who is your target market?


Immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers 

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Sandra Pawar

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Neri Morris Sep 19, 2019

I love the way this idea reaches past cultural boundaries and opens us all up for new culinary and community experiences! Thanks for joining the IDEAS Crowd!


Tara McGuigan 11 months ago

We are doing "Welcome Table" in the home of an Iranian Family that has connected with the Corps. They find it a great privilege to have the COs come to their home for a meal. "Welcome Table" could work both ways quite meaningfully. Love the idea!


Neri Morris 10 months ago

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This idea is being considered for the Faith Challenge.


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