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Yahweh Yoga

by Les Smith | Aug 19, 2019 | in Ideas In Market

Yahweh Yoga will be a group of people that meet together regularly for exercise and prayerful meditation. The exercise component comprised of gentle stretching with open Christian symbols used to facilitate the prayerful meditation.

Yahweh Yoga aims to create a safe reflective space where people can come aside from their busy lives and consider the spiritual. Providing a safe space to stop, reflect, gain some mental space and regroup for the week ahead.

Yahweh Yoga is an open group that is welcoming and accepting of all people. It is non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, and friendly.

The session starts with relaxing music playing in the background. This is followed by yoga poses that can cater for people of all levels. Participants are then led through a guided meditation. The meditation session is purposely generic however it uses symbols that are connected to the teachings of Jesus.

The themes of the meditation differ each week and will broadly incorporate the themes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness

At the conclusion of the meditation people are invited to stay and share a fair trade organic cup of tea; various flavours will be available.

Crucial to the success of the project is securing three people from the local corps that make a commitment to attend every session (within reason) with the sole purpose of building relationships with others. They are not there to evangelise or to invite people to the corps; rather their focus is about being friendly and genuinely caring for those who participate. They carry the DNA of Jesus within them and this will guide them in their interactions.

They don’t have any official role in the project other than being actively present, participating in the group and building relationships with others.

People with spiritual gifts of 'Pastors' & 'Shepherds' are particularly encouraged


What department are you from?

As a chaplain working with homeless people, women & children affected by family violence, people with addiction issues and those rejected and marginalised, it is clear to me that much of what the church presents in an effort to explore spirituality just does not work.

It is as if we are speaking a different language.

Whilst it is true that only the spirit of God can bring about spiritual birth or spiritual growth (as taught by Jesus) we can at least try and build accepting and creative community that allows others to explore just what spirituality looks like for them. It is within such community that we can engage and encourage others when this spiritual awakening occurs.

Who is your target market?

This project is open to anyone that wishes to participate. Anyone in the broader community (aimed primarily at people outside of The Salvation Army) is welcome.

This may include homeless, marginalised etc. but they will participate equally with everyone else. There will be no distinctives seperating or highlighting one person over an other.

It is a community of people and as relationships develop response to need will occur organically. The search for faith and spirituality becomes a shared experienced.

For some this will be a place to build connection and for others it will just be a really good yoga class.


Photos by Stephanie Mahon-Smith

edited on Aug 19, 2019 by Les Smith
Les Smith

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Neri Morris Aug 20, 2019

Status label added: RDL


michael schreck Aug 26, 2019

This is such an incredible program and ticks so many boxes for TSA... When are you planning to run a program in Redfern? I'll come along with my family... Much respect, Michael


Neri Morris Sep 6, 2019

Sounds like a much needed program in a very busy and time-poor world. Great idea!


Colin Gould Sep 23, 2019

Great idea to do exercise, meditation and prayer to Christian symbols and themes, well done.
I am concerned though that it is called yoga. Yoga belongs to the Hindu religion where each exercise is a position of worship to a Hindu god. This is incompatible with Christianity and TSA values and beliefs. If what you are doing has nothing to do with Hinduism, please call it something other than Yoga. Ta, Colin.


Michelle White Sep 26, 2019

What Colin said.


Andrew Webb Oct 27, 2019

It's an interesting idea, which could easily be expanded to a "contemplative/relaxation space". Would work well where venues are near pedestrian thoroughfare.