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Small Change giving in the digital age

by Innovation Team | Aug 19, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

People nowadays have less and less small change in their pockets. The Salvos are well known for being receivers of small change from generous Australians. 'The Salvo Small Change' app looks to employ the technology of 'Round Up' to enable supporters to round up their credit or debit card purchases to the nearest $1. A coffee that costs $4.75 will be rounded up to $5.00 and the $0.25c donated to the work of The Salvos.

At Tax time the donator will receive a tax deductible receipt for their giving over the year. This has not been available with small change giving in the past, creating a GIVE and GET situation.

The app also enables campaign giving to be invited around event periods, Red Shield, Christmas, Fire/flood appeals.

This introduces The Salvation Army to a new and younger supporter audience that currently is not enagaged. It creates easy and transparent giving along with a relational connectedness that is difficult to achieve in the giving landscape.

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Generous Australians.

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Nathan Chapman Aug 27, 2019

This is an awesome idea!


Louise Potter Aug 28, 2019

I love this concept! Definitely a winner!


michael schreck Sep 5, 2019

Finally - a digital solution for collecting small change! Critically, there's a tax deductible receipt delivered to the donator at the end of the year (that's an amazing innovation)...


Jey Yeo Sep 6, 2019

Can't believe no one has thought about this yet. Great idea


Neri Morris Sep 6, 2019

So much easier! I rarely ever have coins/notes in my wallet, so this is very convenient. Great idea!


Karizza Javier Sep 10, 2019

I love the idea of rounding up your money to the nearest dollar for a donation. It's a concept that more and more people are aware of now in terms of personal savings, so a donation to a good cause, I believe, would be very well received.

In addition to the app, could we maybe partner with online retailers or corporate partners to deliver the same concept at point of purchase?
And since Westpac is a partner, maybe we can do something with them and their customers?

On another note, I would move away from saying "small change" for a few reasons: We want to encourage people to give generously. Although it is in fact "small change", I think it would communicate a "small" contribution. Maybe we could use language around "rounding up for change" or "for good" or something along those lines. Communicate the cumulative good they're doing rather than the "small" amount. This would also be more in line with how our national comms and fundraising is using language around "small" donations and to donors.


Claire Clifton Sep 12, 2019

Yes! What a great idea... Every cent counts as they say! Keen to see what happens with this idea.


Kerry Rodgers Nov 11, 2019

Yep I agree and the idea will fund itself and possibly cause some determinism with the app allowing people to be easily involved and also taking account of exactly where the small change profits go.


michael schreck Sep 15, 2019

Hi Karizza,
that's great advice regarding the phrase "small change"... The research we've done also indicates that the round-up capability is really just a marketing tool and that the greater financial contributions come from people deciding that they can give more than the regular round-up figure and people that respond to one-off or yearly events such as the Red Shield. The last two types of contributions will - our research suggest - be of greater value to us than the round-up contributions.


Anil Arya Sep 19, 2019

This is really cool . Mico-Donations are going to the future of fund raising. I have seen an app "Raiz" (using similar concept for Micro Investment instead of donation) where one can link the credit card with the app. and the app automatically rounds each purchase up to the nearest dollar and deposits this into your portfolio.


Sandra McLean Sep 30, 2019

OTRGive is a similar idea, with the company offering to donate 1 cent from every $2 spent at their chain of Petrol Stations in South Australia.Customers download the OTR app. My understanding is that the customers get to nominate where their donation goes. The Salvation Army is listed as one of the charities. OTRGive has over 30,000 members and have donated almost $158,000. TSA in SA appears to have received about $1500 from 168 OTRGive supporters.
They might be a valuable source of information for this idea.


Michael O'brien Oct 14, 2019

Sounds a bit like a Raiz concept. I love it!


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Aife O'loughlin Nov 14, 2019

This could be done by partnering with IFTT potentially without the requirement for too much development.


Neri Morris Nov 18, 2019

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