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Salvo Wellness app.

by Innovation Team | Aug 19, 2019 | in Ideas In Market Trial
In Market Trial
Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

Update: 08.07.20

The app is continuing to move ahead and will enter testing soon.

Update: 02.03.20

The Pitch panel supported the concept of TSA being engaged in the online holistic wellness landscape with a clear focus on the development of faith pathways and faith communities.

The innovation team will support the project into the next phase of research.

A research budget of $20,000 has been granted.


Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. The Salvation Army Wellness app enables people to engage health from a holistic approach being physical, spiritual, social and mental perspectives.

The Wellness app looks to help the Salvos engage with a broader community in a category that his highly active. It enables engagement in the wellness space around spirituality, that is missing in most of the current providers.

The wellness app looks to enable the Salvos to create faith pathways and faith communities with the Australian public.

The Wellness app will be available to all Salvos (Officers, employees, volunteers, etc) and to the Australian public free of charge. It is able to be customised and can benchmark wellbeing, direct users to customised content, track health changes over time, support healthy habit change with daily life action notifications. Activate interest for key events and messages to be delivered to the wellness community.

Connects with wearables (ie fitbit).

This project is looking to be totally self funded having no cost to The Salvation Army.

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EPMO - innovation team

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Nathan Chapman Sep 2, 2019

This is such a great idea. I think the general public would really love it and it would help expand the Salvos brand.


michael schreck Sep 5, 2019

I see there's plenty of support for this concept. I think it's also a great way to introduce people to Christianity as well (the spiritual side of "wellness")


Neri Morris Sep 6, 2019

Great idea!


Deborah Dowsett Sep 15, 2019

This is a great idea and one I could recommend to my clients in my role,even I would use it. Social and emotional well being is important to my culture as well.


michael schreck Sep 15, 2019

Hi Deborah,
that's a great endorsement and I agree... If this app is done and promoted properly it could really gain a lot of quick support - and do some real good... I think Australians would really get behind something like this that was delivered by the Salvos.


Christopher Gray Sep 30, 2019

Wow! so good. Up in Townsville (recovery services) we've been trying to think of some ways of promoting healthy living in a way we can track progress non-invasively and without having too much of a clinical presence while doing so. We want to be able build something into our program that's fun but allows some measurables and objective data to inform our client goals/case management framework.

Apps have been a great resource so to hear the Salvos is building one is so exciting. It might help with the complications of linking our service with third parties that may not share our vision, mission and valued.

Can't wait to see it when it's available. I know I'll use it personally if not inserting it into our program.


Alex Robinson Nov 5, 2019

Love this! I’d sign up right away and can see lots of promotional opportunities.


Neri Morris Nov 18, 2019

Status label added: Faith Challenge Idea

This idea is being considered as part of the Faith Challenge.


Neri Morris Dec 1, 2019

Status label added: RDL


Neri Morris Dec 4, 2019

Status label added: Faith Challenge - Oct-Dec 2019

Status label removed: Faith Challenge Idea


Steve Spencer Dec 16, 2019

I am currently in an appointment where NGO's have been spruiking an app, very similar to this. I must admit, I would much rather a Christian based program.


Neri Morris Mar 2, 2020

Status label added: Incubator/Trial

Status label removed: RDL


Neri Morris Nov 4, 2020

Status label added: In Market (BAU)