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Donate your Vehicle - Drive For Life

by Greigory Whittaker | Aug 19, 2019 | in Ideas In Motion
Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019

UPDATE 13.05.20

Donate Your Vehicle has entered the trial stage. To find out more about the program, visit


UPDATE: 24.02.20

Legals have been finalised, platform infrastructure almost complete. The trial to commence March in three locations with our strategic partner Slatterys Auctions.


You can donate your car through Slattery's Auction House and the funds raised from the sale of the Vehicle will go to fund The Salvation Army Drive For Life program.
The donation of the funds will be treated as tax deductible.

Research informs that the average sale price of a donated vehicle is $750 - $1000. After the cost associated with the sale $125 approx. - The Drive For Life program will receive the remainder.

Similar project (smaller scale) suggest that monthly sales across the country could grow to a figure of 650 cars sold. Equating to a $568,000 monthly donation income.

What department are you from?


Social Department - Drive for life.

Who is your target market?


Car owners of lower priced vehicles.

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Greigory Whittaker

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michael schreck Aug 22, 2019

Hi, this is such a great way for people to donate to the Salvos - having had a bit to do with the automotive industry I'm now aware of just how many low-end cars there are in Australia and how many are just sitting around in people's yards. If we promote this concept to a wider audience we'll get smashed by donations and we can simply get the auto industry to do most of the work for us. This can be a real game-changer for us!


Neri Morris Sep 6, 2019

Sounds like a great idea!


Jason Poutawa Sep 12, 2019

I think this is a brilliant idea. So simple with the auction house to manage the process. So many people trade their cars in for low ball prices and hardly get any value out of it. At least with the tax deductibility people can donate it and gain some value back from it.


Claire Clifton Sep 12, 2019

Great idea to support a great project! Well done


Jarrod Newton Sep 13, 2019

Corporate Partnerships team (fundraising) were working on an identical idea with a different auction house during 2017/18 - worth checking in with them for any learnings.


michael schreck Sep 13, 2019

Hi Jarrod,
yes, good advice... I was involved in that previous attempt. It fell over due to things out of our control, but lots of learnings from the experience. This opportunity works slightly differently from the previous concept and Slattery Auctions is very committed and excited by it all...


Simon Fuller Sep 16, 2019

I needed this 4 years ago.


Carole Smith Sep 16, 2019

Many years ago, we had a couple of cars donated to the corps that were still in rego. We ended up having our men's shed guys polish up and clean the cars. One car was gifted to a refugee family who could use it. The only prerequisite for the family was they had an Australian licence, which provided another chance for us to help them. The second was gifted to someone connected to the corps who needed a vehicle for work. Just another option to selling them, but considering the reduced safety of older cars, it is probably best to sell them.


Maria Bryce Sep 18, 2019

This is a fabulous idea. As a DFL coordinator constantly juggling and prioritising applications we could certainly use more funding to reach more people. Donating a car and having that car auctioned, and the funds going towards a program to help young people drive, just fantastic!


Glenn Stewart Sep 18, 2019

I think it’s a great initiative. Last year I had a car stuck in my driveway, that was out of rego and wouldn't start, so I donated it to Kids Under Cover, who run this type of program. They organised for the car to be towed and taken to auction. I happily received a letter showing the sale value that I was able to just claim as a tax deduction


Marc Allison 11 months ago

Great idea! One of the best things about this idea is that it is a fundraising concept with a meaningful connection to the desired impact.


Neri Morris 11 months ago

Status label added: Incubator/Trial


Neri Morris 10 months ago

Status label added: Open Ideas/S1 - Sep-Nov 2019