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Senior Citizens Hub

A Hub which is set up drop-in style targeted to senior citizens and their needs with multiple services and activities on offer one morning a week and finishing with a cheap lunch. Most health concerns are linked to loneliness so we would provide services on offer would be Community Health services offering basic health checks and referrals, wellbeing support groups targeted at health concerns of seniors. Activities facilitated by trained volunteers,  on offer would be Darts group, Craft...

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Shared Journaling Program

Storytelling Across the Generations Produce a journaling program, with the intention that individuals from two different generations journey together through two different journals that mirror questions and artefacts relevant to their generations. The two generations this would focus on are currently identified as the highest rated age groups in their ‘struggle with loneliness’ 18-25 year olds 75+ year olds Meeting regularly, individuals from the two different generations are...

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Community events "friend zones"

Create free, welcoming, safe and inclusive pop-up 'Friend Zones' at community events (or designated community spaces e.g. libraries) that consist of (i) facilitated group connections and conversations (ii) access to health and community services.   To join, there would be a simple registration and acceptance of zone rules e.g. respectful of beliefs, mindful of personal information shared). Conditions also displayed on signage. As zone conversations are carefully and professionally...

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Front Yard Friday

Making use of the grassed area at the front of our Hall, the idea would be on Friday afternoon/night for people (individuals, families, friends) to bring a picnic dinner and enjoy it together. Because of current COVID restrictions, people could still socially distance and stay on their own picnic rug but would be able to talk to the people on the rug beside them. There may also be opportunity to screen a movie on a large inflatable screen.

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Penpals in aged care

To help alleviate loneliness in aged care facilities, I'm suggesting a penpal arrangement that could operate among people living in Salvation Army facilities. This would mean finding out who would like to correspond with a penpal (snail mail, or possibly email) and any characteristics they would like their penpal(s) to have (e.g. male or female, special interests), drawing up lists for each facility, then matching residents to compatible penpals so that they can keep in touch. We could also...

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Crisis Heroes

Myself and two friends built Crisis Heroes, an online community platform empowering everyday people to lend or request a hand to one another. We have just ticked over 4,000 members and have seen countless acts of kindness. We are always looking at ways to improve our service so feedback/ideas are welcome! Our picture represents our Australian network! What Department are you from? Na Who is your target market? Anyone and everyone. Not necessarily seen as a...

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Lonely Together: Reconnecting through art

The Problem: 1 in 4 Australians are lonely ( ), but loneliness is a hidden epidemic. The shame and stigma that surrounds loneliness can prevent us from speaking up and getting the help we need. And with the current Covid-19 pandemic isolating us even further, it’s never been more important to address loneliness in Australia.  What we know to be true is that loneliness affects us all, regardless of how old we are, or how many friends we have. The more we allow...

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