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Carinya Safer Pets (Pet Inclusive Family Violence Refuge)

It’s often a part of family violence support which is missed; what happens to the pets of women who suddenly have to flee a violent home? On average it takes women up to seven attempts to leave an abusive situation before it becomes successful and permanent. When you have pets it becomes even  more complicated as very few women’s refuges take pets. The contemplation of where to go with a pet can often delay a woman leaving abusive relationships, putting them at further risk with potentially...

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Gingerbread Nativity

With COVID interrupting a lot of our Christmas plans, an outreach idea to get families talking about the Christmas story at home is through a Gingerbread Nativity Decorating Pack. Going along the lines of the iso decorating gift packs that we see from places such as Ferguson Plarre and Donut King; the Gingerbread Nativity would consist of gingerbread characters from the Christmas Story, decorations (icing, sprinkles), a book of the Christmas Story and place-mats with scenes from the story...

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Salvo's "Breakfast Ration Pack"

With so many children going to school on an empty stomach it would be a great idea if the Salvation Army in collaboration with School Chaplains were to be able to provide a "Breakfast Ration Pack" to those in need. The pack would consist of a small pack of cereal, a small long life milk, a disposable bowl plus a spoon, a muesli or energy bar and a small container of fruit pieces in syrup.  These things are readily available and where necessary a Gluten free option could be substituted. If...

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Want to raise up leaders for the Kingdom? (A bespoke 360 Leadership tool)

Most Christian leadership tools are designed for senior pastors of large American churches.  As a result, these tools are inadequate to raise up leaders for Christian contexts aren't large churches such as small churches, church planters, schools, social enterprises and nursing homes.  Additionally, leaders in other roles are often forgotten.  The Christian Leadership Framework 360 feedback tool can be customised to any Christian organisation or leadership role.  The leadership 360 tool...

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Doubling Salvation Army Social Impact through Impact Investing

Salvation Army have a significant amount of assets under management.  Shifting some of that portfolio toward sustainable and impact investing could effectively double the impact of the organization above and beyond grant distributions.

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Lonely Together: Reconnecting through art

The Problem: 1 in 4 Australians are lonely ( ), but loneliness is a hidden epidemic. The shame and stigma that surrounds loneliness can prevent us from speaking up and getting the help we need. And with the current Covid-19 pandemic isolating us even further, it’s never been more important to address loneliness in Australia.  What we know to be true is that loneliness affects us all, regardless of how old we are, or how many friends we have. The more we allow...

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Salvo QR Login

As Corps' and ministries navigate the rocky roads back to corporate worship under the Covid-19 coloured world, we need to record attendances. Not in the same vain as the old days of SAMIS statistics, but to ascertain wether or not, Covid-19 tracking needs to occur. We have been asked to provide sign in sheets to record names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of attendance and so on.  If you don't have someone on the desk to write people's details, then it is up to the individual ,,,, to...

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Trade Australia- Save your cash and the planet

Trade Australia is an online product and service trading platform that matches trades with ZERO cash used for transactions. Using algorithms to match trades, Trade Australia takes the hard work out of finding someone to trade your unwanted items for what you need and want. Highly scalable, Trade Australia can facilitate trades by allowing traders to nominate either meet up or post. The platform will also match products with services. Need your lawn mowed? No problem! Trade with Jack who...

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Salvo Ostrich Farms

Ostrich is a delicious red meat thats high in protein and tastes similar to cow. Cows however make a huge contribution to Climate change. They omit a lot of Gas but they also require lots of land clearing to make room for grazing. Currently huge sections of the amazon are being burnt to clear land for cattle farming.  Ostrich farming is far cleaner though. They are more profitable and easier to farm, they don't omit gas or require near as much land. They're hardy animals that can live off...

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Arise Patisserie

A social enterprise patisserie/cake shop aiming to be a self-sustaining patisserie providing hope, future and a second chance through bakery apprenticeships to individuals who are socially disadvantaged.    WHO: Existing TSA clients who have expressed an interest in a baking career.  Be they men experience homelessness, women escaping DV, or youth looking for direction. etc. WHAT:  Work as an apprentice in our business (as part of their training) and receive a wide range of...

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