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Army Releases $2m For Mission Innovation

Posted by Neri Morris (Admin) Aug 6, 2019

By Simone Worthing, originally published in "Others"

The Salvation Army has released $2 million for the first six months of 2019 to create opportunities for new expressions of mission in local communities across Australia.

This is in response to the “Innovation Fund” announcement by Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd at Still Others in December,

This funding is to “enhance innovation at the front line of mission and serve as a catalyst for fresh and creative expressions of mission with ongoing contribution to the fund in the annual budget provision,” said Commissioner Tracey Tidd, in announcing the Innovation Fund at Still Others (Watch the full video here)

The “creative expressions”, aligned to the national strategy, will enable progress in the “encourage innovation” imperative, under the pillar “We will pioneer”.

Commissioner Floyd Tidd, Territorial Commander, encouraged people to “start dreaming, start thinking, about how we can innovate our mission expressions”.

The $2 million fund, being administered by the Army’s Enterprise Project Management Office, is initially for ideas requiring up to $20,000.

For those wanting to apply, a checklist must first be completed. Applicants can also discuss their ideas prior to application to ensure they are aligned with the fund goals.

For more information and a copy of the checklist, email

Notification of the first tranche of funding will be on 25 February. There will be further tranches depending on the response received.

“We are working on a complementary process for larger innovations over $20,000,” said Chief Secretary, Colonel Mark Campbell. “The Army needs to start to consider new ideas to be able to grow as a movement and be able to respond to Australia’s changing social and political environment,” he added.

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Comments (3)

michael schreck says... Aug 22, 2019

William Booth would be very proud... Congratulations to the Salvos for such a courageous step forward. I can't wait to see all the amazing ideas that this program brings to light and then delivers to market. All the very best of wishes to the team. 

Simon Fuller says... Sep 15, 2019

I am very proud to be part of an organisation that is prepared to change to become more effective in an important mission.

Brian Hallett says... Sep 16, 2019

So if there is $2m for innovation why have corps Christmas cheer money - allocated for supporting communities at Christmas been cut (for my corps) from $10K 2017 - to $6.5K  2018 to $0 in 2019. While innovation is needed - so is meeting the current need.

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