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'Kingdom Innovation' By Doug Paul

Posted by Neri Morris (Admin) May 19, 2021

Kingdom Innovation invites the church to return to its pioneering, innovative calling. Weaving together stories, studies and cultural analysis Doug Paul shares the five phases of Kingdom Innovation. It reveals that whenever God's people lean into His presence and follow God's innovative leading the world is shaped by Kingdom principles. You will be challenged to move beyond your frozen in time, change adverse posture and see that the world is forever changing – ready or not. And to see that we need more than good ideas, we need to release God's ideas. Enjoy the journey!

Book Details:

There was a time when Christians pioneered the future: From business to church, from mathematics to justice reform. Along the way, that redemptive, adaptive movement began to gild in gold the victories of the past, leaving us change averse and frozen-in-time.

But ready or not, the invitation is for kingdom leaders to reclaim their calling to innovate.

Weaving together stories with surprising twists, studies with striking conclusions, and spellbinding cultural analysis, innovation strategist Doug Paul unlocks the five phases of kingdom innovation. Practical, hope-filled, and endlessly readable, Ready or Not reveals that whenever God’s people have leaned into innovation, the world has shifted on its axis.

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