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Faith Challenge - Pitch Panel Outcomes

Posted by Neri Morris (Admin) Mar 10, 2020

On the 4th of February, the Innovation Team hosted the RDL Pitch Event for the Faith Challenge at Eva Burrows College. The event was a great success with several of the ideas receiving funding and entering into an Incubation/Trial phase.

We'd like the thank our great panel of judges,  Major Darren Elkington - Assistance to the Chief Secretary, Sandra Mclean - Faith Communities Development Secretary, Kate Baudinette - Associate Corps Officer Camberwell and Monica Lenko - Executive Manager Strategy and Planning EPSM.

Below are the outcomes of the pitch event.

Breakfast Program

The Pitch Panel agreed that creating community in schools, and TSA being visible and engaged in the life of schools, was of high value, and wanted to congratulate the team on their efforts this far.

Future support:
The innovation team will continue to journey with Peter and team to:
 - develop the manual, the playbook for how to rollout this opportunity into other interested locations.
 - to explore the expansion into 2-3 other test locations.
 - to explore strategic partnerships to enable the engagement of a committed resource to rollout the strategy to further locations.


Freedom Solutions

The Pitch Panel enjoyed the rigour of the conversation this idea created. The opportunity to meet the public in a place of healing in the name of Jesus is an exciting prospect to be explored.

and unnecessary risk to the brand have been well considered and minimised where possible.

Future support:
The innovation team will continue to journey with Craig and team to:
 - Put together a project plan that considers the below critical elements:
1. Finalise the development of the training material and navigate the appropriate approval processes.
2. Design the website to ensure that what is being offered is clearly articulated and understood by the community we are wanting to serve.
3. Design the accountability measures to support those engaging in the delivery process.
4. Design the appropriate measurement criteria and supports.
5. Design the public facing promotional materials.
6. Engage with any legal requirements.

The Pitch Panel also considered it be advisable to ensure that Community Engagement (Claire and Marcus) and Stuart Glover had visibility over the project.

Allocated Budget:
$15,000 project management. An appropriate project manager will be appointed to the project.


Into the Zone

The Pitch Panel passionately supported the creative work and passion of Richard on this idea. The future full development and rollout is desired.

Future support:
The Innovation team in conjunction with Sandra mission support will continue to support the delivery of the project.

Allocated Budget:
Further work is required to develop an appropriate budget to ensure success. Greig Whittaker will speak with the below to put together the budget allocation.
1. Salvo Stores
2. Mission Support
4. Ideas Development grant.


Salvo wellness App.

The Pitch panel supported the concept of TSA being engaged in the online holistic wellness landscape with a clear focus on the development of faith pathways and faith communities.

Future support:
The innovation team will support the project into the next phase of research.

Allocated Budget:
Research budget of $20,000

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